The following is a legally binding contract between you and Bluechip Spares Ltd which determines your contractual relationship with Bluechip Spares Ltd and your behaviour on our website, warehouse or any third party website where we may sell our parts. These terms and conditions shall be referred to as “the agreement”. Please note that you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the agreement.  In particular, you are committing yourself to be bound by any purchase made on our website or any other third party sites we use.

1. Scope of Agreement. This agreement sets out the rights and obligations of Bluechip Spares and all the users of its website, physical site or third party-based site where we may sell our parts.

2. Changes to these Terms and Conditions. Bluechip Spares Ltd reserves the right to amend this agreement from time to time, and post new versions of the site. If Bluechip Spares exercises this right, Bluechip Spares will place notification of such changes on www.bluechipspares.co.uk. The new agreement shall be effective, and will govern all purchases made, immediately after notification, and will also govern all other activity on or through the services and various parties’ relationship with Bluechip Spares. If a person does not wish to be governed by the new version of the agreement, the person must cease to participate in purchasing Bluechip Spares Ltd parts.

3. Privacy policy 

3.1 Any information supplied by you will only be held and used for our purposes in order to conduct business with you and to improve our level of service. We will not pass on your details to any third party without your express agreement.

3.2 When you order, we need to know your name, email address, and delivery address. This enables us to process and fulfil your orders and to notify you in the event of any queries. We also request your telephone number which allows us to contact you urgently if there is a problem with your order, such as a courier having difficulty in achieving a delivery.

3.3 We will only send you emails or other information where you have given us your consent.

3.4 We shall comply with all applicable UK data protection legislation from time to time in place in respect of any personal information relating to you gathered by us.

3.5 You can check the information that we hold about you by emailing us. If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct them promptly.

3.6 Should you wish to be removed from our mailing lists, all you need to do is contact us and all further contact with you will cease.

3.7 We may use technology to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors to our website. This can include using a "cookie" – this is a small piece of information that is stored on your computer’s hard drive by your browser. You can modify your browser to prevent this happening.

3.8 You can control your own privacy settings in the ‘My Account' section (please login). From here you can choose whether you want to receive mailings and emails from us. If you have any questions about privacy, please email us.


4. Security

 We have security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Our on-line transaction systems use the latest 128bit encryption technology to enable secure internet transactions to take place.


5. Prices and Availability 

5.1 Prices quoted are in British pounds (£) and are accurate at the time published but may be subject to change. The prices, including VAT, are shown in brackets.

5.2 If the price goes up or down in between you placing and receiving your order, we will honour the original price.

5.3 Products and services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time, including after the placing of your order. If your order cannot be fulfilled, we will let you know.


6. Parts Guarantee

All goods are fully tested and shown on our website and sold as trade sale terms, with extensive pictures and video clips. In the event of a fault arising within the guarantee period, the seller reserves the right to either repair or exchange the goods. If replacement goods cannot be found within 45 days, then the full item price will be refunded minus the postage charges. This will only happen on production of the original sales invoice, and only if the goods are returned in the same condition as when the goods were supplied. Bluechip Spares will not hold itself liable to reimburse you for any installation/ postal charges, no matter how they are incurred, unless otherwise stated.

There is a 35% handling charge for all parts (except engine's 50%) which were correctly supplied by us and which are returned. In the case of parts delivery via courier or post, this cost is non-refundable if the part was correctly supplied by us.

There is a 60% handling charge for engine's that have been stripped of the ancillaries and sold as a part or complete bare engine (head/ block & sump) which were correctly supplied by us and which are returned. Or frontends which have been sold in one section and individual items are to be returned.

All parts sold by Bluechip Spares will carry a 14 day warranty unless stated from the date of purchase, subject to being fitted by a VAT registered garage or AUDI/ VW MASTER TECH QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN. Under no circumstances will Bluechip Spares entertain any claim(s) whatsoever in regard to labour costs/ charges involved in fitting, removal and/or changing of the parts supplied by the company.

7. Postage Charges. We will refund all postage charges for goods which are damaged and claim successful, postage charges are not refundable for correctly supplied part.

8. Quality. Any parts purchased are sold on a Trade sale terms only.

9. Ownership. All parts remain the property of Bluechip Spares until payment has been received in full.

10. Insurance. All goods sold by Bluechip Spares are delivered by 3rd party couriers. Insurance is purchased to cover the loss/ damage/ theft of parts.

11. Damaged Goods. Bluechip Spares must be notified within 24 hours of any damage/ loss during transit. Bluechip Spares must be provided with 8+ clear picture evidence of the damaged packaging and damaged part. Also a written statement is required explaining the damage. Goods must be signed for as damaged. All packaging/ damaged goods must be kept until the claim has been settled. If this is not supplied, the claim will be rejected. Glass is not covered and sent at the buyers own risk, we package the glass extensively to avoid any accidental drop but courier careless damage cannot be avoided.

12. Claim Procedure. Investigation of claims will take up to 31 days. Pictures must be supplied indicating damage to packaging and statement emailed explaining the damages. On success of a claim Bluechip Spares Ltd will organize collection of the goods at our expense, on receipt the customer will receive a full refund inclusive of postage charges within 48hours.

13.  Electrical Units. Electrical units cannot be returned for refund if they have been fitted.

14.  Engines
To qualify for our warranty, all points on our warranty requirement check list (supplied with the engine) must be completed within 14days of delivery; we will require a copy of all your receipts proving that you have purchased all the parts listed in our warranty requirement check list and we will require a copy of your mechanic’s installation receipt proving that the engine was installed by a VAT registered garage, with a new timing belt/cam belt/ chain, and filled with new oil and filters upon installation.  Non supply of paperwork to verify these components have been fitted will make the warranty/ guarantee null and void.

14.1. The term engine refers to the cylinder head, block and sump and the components which make these up (i.e. pistons, camshafts, con rods, etc…) Timing belts/ chains form no part of the guarantee being consumable items and will need to be changed prior to installation.

14.2 An engine service must be carried out by a reputable garage (VAT registered) 500 miles after installation.

14.3 We do not warranty engine failure, or damage occurring directly or indirectly as a result of the following:

14.3.1 Fault arising from a fitting error or poor workmanship.

14.3.2 Fault or failure of a ancillary component, for example a radiator, timing belt, water pump, fuel injection system, turbo, coolant, gasket, hoses etc…

14.3.3 Where the vehicle has been used in conjunction with motorsports or modified in any way.

14.3.4 As a result of malicious damage.

14.3.5 As a result of fire or theft.

14.3.6. As a result of insufficient coolant or lubricants.

15. Turbocharges. We do not guranatee the internals of the turbocharger as these are prone to hairline cracks over period of time and with wear and tear as the vehicle is driven, play in the shafts occurs with wear and tear and is not guranteed in anyway.


16. Gearboxes.  Please ensure all gearboxes are filled with new oil upon installation, installed by a VAT registered garage, failure to do this will result in the guarantee/ warranty being rendered null and void.

17. Statutory Rights. When you purchase online, you have a statutory right to return a product (other than perishable produce) within 7 days after your order has been delivered for replacement (cooling off period). You have a contractual obligation, and we are contracted to you, to supply a suitable part or replacement within 14 days of the initial order. If we are unable to supply you a replacement product within 14 days then we shall terminate the contract and refund your money. If a product is damaged or faulty, please contact Bluechip Spares and we will provide a replacement. Refunds will only be given where we are unable to complete the contract and terminate because no other suitable part is available. Persons or parties that return goods that are faulty and then do not allow us 14 days to provide a suitable replacement will be in breach of these terms and conditions of sale and in breach of contract. All parts are digitally imaged and video clips taken prior to removal and during packaging processes and recorded at Bluechip Spares Ltd head office.

18. Wheels Steel wheels/ alloys will be tested on a balancing machine, and if required, balanced before being dispatched and will be ready to use; all tyres will be road legal as per tread depth on description and deflated before dispatch.

19. Returned Parts.  Parts returned for credit must be returned in their original packaging, unused. Should there be a a free postage charge any remaining or for the part returned parts will be charged at the full postage rate.

20. Stocking Policy.  We sell parts that are generally known as replacement parts, which can be:

Manufactured by or on behalf of the car maker (common word 'Genuine') and carry the manufacturer's logo

Manufactured by a supplier that supplies the car maker (common term 'original') and carry the manufacturer’s logo.

Whilst we wish to give good value to our customers and provide extensive details, we cannot guarantee that used parts are in absolutely perfect condition; this is reflected in our prices when they are compared to brand new items.


21. General.

We shall not be liable for any failure to perform any of our obligations under these terms and conditions which is caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to, any force majeure incident. Our failure to exercise any right or provision of the terms and conditions of sale shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision unless acknowledged and agreed to by us in writing. The section titles in the Terms and Conditions are solely used for the convenience of the parties and have no legal or contractual significance.

22. Laws
The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed fully in accordance with the law of the United Kingdom. You and we agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in England. If any provision(s) of the Terms and Conditions is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, then such provision(s) shall be construed, as nearly as possible, to reflect the intentions of the parties with the other provisions remaining in full force and effect.

23. Contract
No contract will exist between you and Bluechip Spares for a sale to you for any product or service unless and until, Bluechip Spares accepts your order by taking payment, and confirming your order by email that it has dispatched your order. That acceptance will be deemed as complete and to have been effectively communicated to you at the time. Bluechip Spares sends the email to you (whether or not you receive the e-mail).

24. Use of this Site

24.1 All copyright, trade marks and all other intellectual property rights in all material or content supplied as part of the Bluechip Spares site shall remain at all times vested in us. You are only permitted to use this material or content only as expressly authorised in writing by us. You will not, and you will not assist or facilitate any third party to, copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, frame, commercially exploit or create derivative works of such material or content.

24.2 If you become aware of any such distribution or commercial exploitation, you agree to notify us immediately.

24.3 You acknowledge that by posting materials on another site you grant to us and our licensors and assign an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide licence to use the materials both within the other site and in any other manner. The licence extends to copying, distributing, broadcasting, and otherwise transmitting, and adapting and editing the materials.

25. Warranty

These conditions replace and supersede all previous issues.

These conditions shall apply to all contracts for the sale of goods by Bluechip Spares Ltd to the buyer to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions which the buyer may purport to apply under any purchase order confirmation or similar documents.

All orders for goods shall be deemed to be an offer by the buyer to purchase goods pursuant to these conditions.

Acceptance of delivery of the goods shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the buyer’s acceptance of these conditions.

Most parts of vehicles sold from this establishment are second hand and sold as such. All used goods come with a thirty (30) day working guarantee. The guarantee is applied to the subject sold and does NOT apply to delivery, labour time, car hire, loss of earnings or any other third party costs. Due to variations in make, model, design and years of manufacture, we cannot give any guarantee that the parts are correct for the purpose required. Sales are made on the strict understanding that the customer is responsible for making sure the parts bought are correct for the purpose required. Incorrectly ordered parts shall be subject to a 45% handling charge. In the event that the part purchased is not correct for the particular vehicle we will attempt to replace the part with the correct one, if notified within 48 hours in writing.

Any part which is found to be faulty or unserviceable (unless the fault was declared on purchase) will be repaired or exchanged. If notification is made within 30 days of purchase, unless the part was sold under special terms with evidence in writing, and assuming the part has not been subject to misuse, alterations or substitution.

If, after the supply of an engine / gearbox unit from this company (Bluechip Spares Ltd) a fault develops, then this company reserves the right to conduct a mechanical investigative examination - the purpose of which is to safeguard both Bluechip Spares Ltd and the customer/purchaser, and to identify any subsequent liability.

If the item sold is found to be defective as a direct result of workmanship or substandard parts etc. Bluechip Spares Ltd will rectify the matter in accordance with the terms of our warranty. Consequently, Bluechip Spares Ltd reserves the right to undertake the initial inspection; thereafter if a dispute arises - or may arise - and this company - and subsequently our engineer or representative is prevented from such an examination, then the warranty issued by Bluechip Spares Ltd may be prejudiced.

Any variations of these conditions (including any special terms agreed between the parties) shall be inapplicable unless agreed in writing by Bluechip Spares Ltd. This warranty is non-transferable.

26. Delivery. Delivery of the goods shall be made to the buyer's nominated address. The buyer shall make all arrangements to take delivery of the goods whenever they are tendered for delivery. Although every effort is made to ensure goods arrive at the scheduled time, no responsibility can be accepted where any such delay occurs.